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Metenolone acetate Injectable Primobolan China Supplier
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Metenolone acetate Injectable Primobolan China Supplier

Type: Raw Powder
Quality grade: Medical grade
Place of origin: China
Supply ability: Bulk Stock
Keywords: Bodybuilding,Muscle builder,Fitness Supplements,Cutting Cycle Steroids
Price here:

Metenolone acetate

Synonyms: Primobolan ; Methenolone acetate

CAS No: 434-05-9

M.F.: C22H32O3

M.W.: 344.49

Assays: 98%

Appearance: White or white crystalline powder

Usage: pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.

Standard:Enterprise standard

Five advantages of making finished steroids by yourself:

1.Save Money: The cost is only 40-60% of the normal cost

2.Save Time:They take only a short time to prepare

3.Convenient Ship:They are easier and cheaper to ship than amps or vials

4.Safer Delivery: Less chance of your order getting seized by customs

5.Better compensate :Unlike vials and Ampullas, they come with some refund/reship policy


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